About us

We are a young technology company. Our mission is to promote shared mobility services. In doing so, user and location privacy is our highest priority. We are at the frontier of top-of-the-edge privacy compliant machine learning on top of location and sensor data.


We are deep mobility enthusiasts with backgrounds from Stanford, Harvard, TUM, Uber, BMW, McKinsey ... We are proud of our amazing team of product, mobile, web and AI experts enabling the next level of shared mobility services. We are headquartered in San Francisco and Munich, with a strong footprint in the US and European market.

Our values

Be humble

We are smart and know what we are talking about, but we know our boundaries. We appreciate the countless areas and domains we are not experts in. We strive to learn continuously but we admit potential lack of knowledge. Arrogance or pride can’t be tolerated.

Always think like a CEO

We are all owners of our work, no matter whether it is product, partnerships, supplier relations etc. In all our actions, we think about the consequences. To make it short: Be an owner, not a renter.

The best idea wins

No matter where it comes from, we do everything to identify and dig out the best ideas that accelerate the company. Position, status, … it all does not matter.

Embrace a culture of feedback and openness

It is our job to voice concerns immediately. It is our job to be proactive, identify areas of problems and do everything to develop ourselves to become better humans, leaders, managers and employees.

Focus + sequence = speed, speed + think big & act local = success

That’s our formula.

Customer obsession.

No matter how our customers or users look like, whether they are end users or business partners, we do everything to understand their needs and what we can do to make their lives easier.

Let data guide and technology support you in everything you do.

Data is more important than feelings, data is more important than intuition. We are a technology software company that uses technology to build our proprietary advantages. In particular deep learning has achieved incredible success over the past years. We are deep learning experts, embrace research, go to conferences and do everything to stay up to date in this new world.

Maximize your contribution. Company > Team > Individual

With full dedication we operate in the yellow, i.e. beyond our comfort zone. In every decision we take, we put the company first, the team second, the individual third. This means our single most important job is to maximize value for the company. If this means we need a 3 hour coffee break to work more productively later, that’s cool. We do everything for the team, if somebody needs help or support, we are here.

Do the right thing.

We deal with highly sensitive data. We deal with real users in the real world. We do the right thing.